Degen Islands


The Degen Islands Item Builder will allow users to design and mint items (or collections of items) that can then be traded on the Degen Islands Marketplace (and on third-party secondary marketplaces). Players can purchase these unique items and insert them into their islands.
These digital props are indestructible unlike regular materials like coal, stone, sand, etc and owners can insert them into their game or trade them on the Degen Islands Marketplace.




ITEMS will be created by users in the Degen Islands Item Builder (scheduled for Phase 6). Creators will be able to set the supply, mint price and rarity of their items.


Creators of ITEMS can sell their creations on the in-game Degen Islands Marketplace

Minting platform fee

  • Creators will set the initial mint price
  • Creator will receive 90% of the original mint
  • Degen Islands will receive 10% of the original mint


  • There will be a 10% royalty fee for each ITEMS NFT secondary sale
  • Creator will receive 90% of the 10% royalty
  • Degen Islands will receive 10% of the 10% royalty
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