Degen Islands

Multi-token Economy

Degen Islands has a multi-token economy - Nuggets ($NUGGETS) and Degen Gold ($DGOLD) - to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the Degen Islands ecosystem, as well as providing economic incentives to encourage players to participate in the gameplay.
A multi-token economy:
  • Reward players for mining their land and incentivising them to utilise tokens for transactions
  • Create an internal in-game circulating economy
  • Decentralise the ownership and governance of Degen Islands
Degen Island tokens:


ISLAND NFT The ISLAND NFT serves as ownership of a plot of land (an island) within Degen Islands Supply: 78,000
ITEM NFT ITEM NFTs are digital props that are created by users of Degen Islands. Supply: Infinite
GEM NFT The GEM NFT acts as a $NUGGET multiplier for the holder. Supply: 3,550


Nuggets ($NUGGETS) In-game currency used for all transactions within the Degen Islands in-game ecosystem Supply: Infinite
Degen Gold ($DGOLD) Governance token used throughout the Degen Islands ecosystem. Supply: 3 billion