Degen Islands


Degen Island offers a play-to-earn experience to allow owners of Island NFTs the opportunity to actively and passively earn both $NUGGETS and $DGOLD.

Island owners can earn by:

  • Mining the islands for $NUGGETS
  • Collecting and Trade Materials for $NUGGETS
  • Farm Islands for $NUGGETS
  • Receive Monthly $DGOLD Airdrops
  • Rent Islands for $DGOLD
  • Rent and Share mining profits in $DGOLD
The Degen Islands team will release $NUGGET (in-game token) according to the inflation schedule. If this is technically not available, the Degen Island team will check circulation monthly to be sure that inflation rate is in the range.
If the inflation rate is in the ±1.0% range of the below table, $NUGGET token burning is not required. Otherwise the difference of the inflation rate must be burned from the circulation supply.
As long as Degen Islands team approves the inflation the economy can hold the above inflation rate which can also be seen as below table.
The total amount of allocated $NUGGET tokens will be available to be mined on ISLAND NFTs.