Degen Islands

Free-to-Earn (Serfs)

Degen Island offers a free-to-earn game experience to allow players without an ISLAND NFT to earn $NUGGETS and materials by working on another player's island. Entry to the island is free.
From the Degen Islands Marketplace players will be able to see islands that are open to being mined by other players. Each island will clearly display the split of $NUGGETs. For example “30/70” will mean that the player will keep 30% of the $NUGGETS that he mines on the island, and the island owner will receive 70% of the $NUGGETS that the player mines on his island.


  • The player will get to keep all the materials that he mines
  • Any $NUGGETS that have been mined


  • Players that do not own an ISLAND NFT are able to earn $NUGGETS on another players land Island owners are able to incentivise other players to mine their land