Degen Islands

Mystery Islands

Mystery Islands are non-owneable islands that any player can visit by buying a ticket in $DGOLD. The reason they are mysterious is because a player will never know what they’ll find. It may be a standard looking island with a regular amount of materials, $NUGGETS and $DGOLD. Or it could be an island full of trees, or an island made entirely of $NUGGETS! These islands are randomly generated.
  • Mystery Islands are non-ownable randomly generated islands that contain a random number of materials, $NUGGETS and $DGOLD. They do not contain GEM NFTs
  • Tickets to the island will cost 10 $DGOLD (tbc)
  • The island is active for 48 hours from when the player enters the island
  • Players can also invite other players into the Mystery Island via an invite code. Invited players also have to pay for their ticket
  • Players can extend their stay once:
    • 24 hour extension is 10 $DGOLD (tbc)
    • 48 hours extension is 20 $DGOLD (tbc)
    • 72 hours extension is 40 $DGOLD (tbc)
Everything that the player mines in the Mystery Island is theirs to keep to either utilise in their island or trade with in the Degen Islands Marketplace.


Phase 3