Degen Islands


Materials are 3D cubes made up of 16x16x128 voxels. Materials are placed together and on top of each other, making up the structure of ISLANDS.
Materials can be collected and stored in your inventory, placed anywhere on ISLANDS to build structures, sold on the in game market, traded with other players on island markets and exchanged for $NUGGETS.

Material List

Here is a list of Materials that will be included at the game launch
  • Birch Wood
  • Beech Wood
  • Coal Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Diamond Ore
  • Emerald Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Quartz Block
  • Ice
  • Sandstone
  • Dirt
  • Oak Wood
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Pine Tree
As the game evolves, new types of materials will be included on Mystery islands


Phase 1 - Sep 2022